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Pasticceria La Bomboniera

La Bomboniera is a typical Austro-Hungarian patisserie dating back to 1836, in Art Nouveau style, remained intact for more than a century where time seems to have stopped.
Pasticceria la Bomboniera
Customers can enjoy typical Trieste desserts based on Austro-Hungarian tradition, like Rigo Jansci chocolate cake, Pischinger, Sacher, Linzer and Dobos tortes and cakes, as well as putizza cake, presnitz pastry, pinza cake, homemade chocolate eggs, Jewish marzipan desserts, "fave dei morti" almond biscuits, and white and brown chequerboard mandorlati almond biscuits… all baked in the original wood-fired oven.
Pasticceria "La Bomboniera" su Lidia's Italy

Pasticceria La Bomboniera
Via Trenta Ottobre 3
tel.: +39 040 632752

every day | 8am-8pm