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The house built with vinegar

"Aedes anno MDCCLXXI ob aque inopiam aceto absoluta" reads the plaque inside the door of an elegant eighteenth-century house at 15 Via San Lazzaro.
La casa costruita con l'aceto
The history of this building is particularly interesting and unusual. In 1771 a long drought completely dried up the water sources in Trieste, which endured a period of severe water shortage.

The builder of this house would never have been able to finish his work on time if he had not hit upon the ingenious idea of replacing water with vinegar.

He bought a large amount of vinegar from a nearby wine vendor and used it to prepare the mortar, enabling him to complete the building without any delay.

The house is easily recognizable by its imposing entrance decorated with an allegorical scene of three eagles (Russia, Prussia and Austria) tearing apart a snake (Napoleon) that is trying to swallow a sphere (the world).

Casa costruita con l'aceto (The house built with vinegar)

via San Lazzaro, 15