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We Are Trieste

  • The Bora The Bora The Bora is a wind that blows in a North North-Easterly direction from the mountains into the Gulf of Trieste. It blows intermittently with gusts that can occasionally be very strong.   read more >
  • Piazza Unità d’Italia Piazza Unità d’Italia The largest square facing the sea in Europe.   read more >
  • Molo Audace Molo Audace Molo Audace, formerly Molo San Carlo, is a place dear to the hearts of Trieste's inhabitants. read more >
  • Canal Grande Canal Grande Realized between 1754 and 1766 by Matteo Pirona, the Canal Grande was a key element of the new urban plan that led to the construction of Borgo Teresiano. read more >
  • San Giusto Castle San Giusto Castle San Giusto Castle stands on a hill of the same name that overlooks the city. The history of this hill is as long as that of the city itself. read more >
  • Faro della Vittoria Faro della Vittoria The 70 metre Vittoria lighthouse stands on Gretta hill, 60 metres above the sea, on the foundations of the Austrian Fort Kressich, built in 1854. read more >
  • Arco di Riccardo Arco di Riccardo Probably dating from the 1st century AD, the Arch of Riccardo, in the heart of old Trieste, is a Roman gate in the ancient walls of Tergeste that were built by Augustus in 33 BC. read more >
  • Teatro Romano Teatro Romano The Roman Theatre behind Piazza Unità d'Italia at the foot of the San Giusto hill is one of the most striking remains of ancient Roman Tergeste. read more >
  • Miramare Marine Nature Reserve Miramare Marine Nature Reserve Located in the Gulf of Trieste, the Miramare Marine Nature Reserve extends around the Miramare promontory, where the Miramare castle and park are found. read more >
  • Tram di Opicina Tram di Opicina The Opicina Tram, the "Tram de Opcina" in Triestine dialect, is a symbol of Trieste. read more >
  • Miramare castle Miramare castle Miramare Castle, above the sea, is the first glance that you have coming in Trieste driving along the panoramic coastal road. read more >
  • San Giovanni Park and Rose Garden San Giovanni Park and Rose Garden The history of San Giovanni Park began in 1908, when the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital was inaugurated in Trieste.   read more >
  • San Giusto Hill San Giusto Hill Where Trieste was born...
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  • Barcola Barcola When you arrive in Trieste from the panoramic Coastal Road, you reach the city's maritime neighbourhood of Barcola.
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  • Trieste and Cinema Trieste and Cinema Did you know that more than 200 films have been shot in Trieste? And that five international film festivals are held in the city? That in 1957 Tino Ranieri started the "oldest" Film History course in Italy here in Trieste?
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  • Theaters Theaters From prose to lyric, discover Trieste theaters!
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