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  • Drogheria Toso Drogheria Toso Entering the Toso store is like stepping back in time, to a Trieste of 100 years ago. read more >
  • The Puttini Postini of the Post Office building The Puttini Postini of the Post Office building The Post Office building was built in 1894 to a design by Francesco Setz of Vienna. read more >
  • The inventor of Confetti The inventor of Confetti Ettore Fenderl was a celebrated nuclear physicist who, in 1926 in Rome, created the first laboratory for research into radioactivity.
    However, this was not his only innovative achievement.
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  • The house built with vinegar The house built with vinegar "Aedes anno MDCCLXXI ob aque inopiam aceto absoluta" reads the plaque inside the door of an elegant eighteenth-century house at 15 Via San Lazzaro. read more >
  • The Onion House The Onion House Jakic house, better known among Triestines as the "Onion House", is a villa of Muscovite appearance built for Anton Jaki in 1896. read more >
  • Zero Ponte Rosso Zero Ponte Rosso A tide gauge carved in stone, calibrated in Parisian feet and inches, and probably dating back to 1785, can still be seen on the right bank below the Ponterosso (Red bridge). read more >
  • The legend of the Bora The legend of the Bora   Legend tells of Aeolus, the father of the winds, who travelled the world with his beloved children. read more >
  • The White Lady The White Lady On the cliff that supports the ruins of the old Duino Castle, one can glimpse a white rock that resembles a female figure wrapped in a cloak.
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  • The Duino Fortress The Duino Fortress Legend tells of a shepherd from the plateau who decided to build a small church for the Virgin Mary. read more >
  • Princess Rosandra Princess Rosandra A long time ago, on the hill that dominates the valley, there stood a castle where a beautiful princess named Rosandra lived. read more >
  • The tomb of Charlemagne The tomb of Charlemagne Legend has it that one night an angel was sent by the Lord to Charlemagne, who at the time was an old and tired king, and told him to travel with a few servants to the valley carved out by the Rosandra River.
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  • Why is the Karst plateau so stony? Why is the Karst plateau so stony? Legend has it that the Karst plateau was originally a green and fertile land, full of meadows, woods and streams of cool water. read more >
  • A Guinness record-setting square A Guinness record-setting square An enormous work of graffiti art by Bruno Chersicla put Trieste in the Guinness Book of World Records!
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  • San Nicolò, the holiday children love most San Nicolò, the holiday children love most The night of 6 December is one of the most exciting holidays for children in Trieste
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  • In Trieste everyone goes to the beach! In Trieste everyone goes to the beach! Who says that dogs are the only pets you can take on the beach?
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  • 3D 3D Discover Trieste... from the comfort of your home!
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