Things to do


  • Walking and trekking Walking and trekking Tourist itineraries in the Karst of Trieste between panoramas on the gulf, castellieri and reserves
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  • Trieste by bike Trieste by bike Cycle routes to discover the beauties of Trieste, the Karst and the surrounding area!
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  • Karst Wedding Karst Wedding The Karst Wedding is a traditional event of the municipality of Monrupino. read more >
  • Karst House Karst House This is a rustic house typical of the Trieste Karst plateau, located in the municipality of Monrupino, near the small village of Rupingrande, approximately 15 km from Trieste.   read more >
  • Grotta Gigante (Giant Cave) Giant Cave What setting could be more fascinating for a child than an enormous cave (that is the meaning of its Italian name), where our prehistoric ancestors and terrifying cave bears lived during the remote Neolithic Era? read more >
  • Osmizas Osmizas What exactly are these osmizas?
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  • Slivia Cave Slivia Cave One of the three Queens of the Karst region.
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  • Carsiana Botanical Garden Carsiana Botanical Garden An enjoyable stroll among approximately 600 different species of flowers, plants and small insects will surely spark the interest of both you and your children. read more >
  • Trieste Adventurepark Trieste Adventurepark Adventure awaits!!! If you are craving excitement, like jumping into empty space while holding onto a liana vine Tarzan-style, then Trieste Adventurepark is the place for you. read more >
  • The mountains... at sea level The mountains... at sea level Enjoy an afternoon at a mountain hut at this small gem reflected in the Adriatic Sea
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  • The Trieste Opicina race The Trieste Opicina race Trieste Opicina Historic - a modern recreation of a historic automobile race read more >