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Literary museums

From Petrarca to Svevo and Joyce: the city of paper to discover!
  • Joyce Museum Joyce Museum The Joyce Museum is dedicated to the almost eleven years that the Irish writer spent in Trieste.  read more >
  • Svevo Museum Svevo Museum Dedicated to the Trieste writer Italo Svevo, the pseudonym of Ettore Schmitz, the Svevo Museum contains mementos of the novelist that survived the bombing of his villa, in 1945.  read more >
  • Piccolomini and Petrarch Museum Piccolomini and Petrarch Museum The Petrarchesco Piccolomineo Museum houses the collection of illuminated manuscripts, printed books and ancient works of art that Count Domenico Rossetti de Scander bequeathed to the Trieste Public Library in 1842. read more >