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Faro della Vittoria

(Vittoria Lighthouse)

The 70 metre Vittoria lighthouse stands on Gretta hill, 60 metres above the sea, on the foundations of the Austrian Fort Kressich, built in 1854.
Faro della Vittoria
It was designed by the architect Arduino Berlam and commissioned in 1927. As well as a guide for nocturnal navigation in the Gulf of Trieste, it is also serves as a monument commemorating sailors who died during the First World War, as witnessed by the inscription at its base: "Shine in memory of those who died at sea (MCMXV - MCMXVIII)".

The Trieste lighthouse is clad with stone slabs from the Karst and Istria, and surmounted by a dome housing the lantern, which has an average range of 30 miles.

Faro della Vittoria
Giovanni Mayer's copper statue, Winged Victory, stands on the dome, while below the lighthouse lies the anchor of the destroyer Audace, the first Italian ship to dock at the port of Trieste in 1918, giving its name to the Audace pier.
The entrance of the lighthouse contains two shells from the Austrian battleship Viribus Unitis.

The Vittoria lighthouse site offers a year-round breathtaking view of the Gulf of Trieste, particularly during the famous Barcolana regatta.

The interior of the lighthouse can be seen on weekends, but only up to the first terrace of the monumental structure.

Opening hours
May, june (except the 2nd), september
friday: 3pm - 7pm
saturday and sunday: 10.00 - 1pm and 3pm - 7pm

July and august (excepect the 15th)
from wednesday to sunday: 10.00 - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm

friday: 3pm - 6pm
saturday and sunday: 10.00 - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm
from 6th to 10th [Barcolana]: open all day from 9.30 to 5:30pm

from 1st to 4th: open all day from 9.30 to 4:30pm

Special openings
Open all day from 10.00 to 7pm
June 2nd
August 15th


In order to ensure the safety of the visitors, the access to the Lighthouse tower is allowed to a maximum of 7 people at a time accompanied by an attendant.
The visit to the tower lasts 15 minutes. In case of unfavorable weather conditions the lighthouse is closed.

RESERVATION REQUIRED at least one day before
+39 040 377 4783 (from Monday to Thursday 10-12 / Friday and Saturday 17-19 / Sunday 10-12)
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Faro della Vittoria
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