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A Guinness record-setting square

An enormous work of graffiti art by Bruno Chersicla put Trieste in the Guinness Book of World Records!
Piazza Unità da Guinness
In 2000, the entire surface of Unità Square became a work of art, setting a Guinness record.

Following a cartoon by the artist Bruno Chersicla from Trieste, 4572 volunteers used 3 tonnes of paint to fill the square's entire 9,323 m2, creating an enormous work of graffiti art depicting Trieste as the gateway to the Orient, set against a blue background with seven gold stars reminiscent of the flag of Europe.

A Guinness blanket!
In 2015, in an event organized by Picknitartcafe, a Guinness blanket was created in piazza Unità d'Italia.
A collective work and a solidarity initiative: 100 meters long, 30 meters wide and 80 centimeters for 3082.70 sqm :-)

The sale of the panels that formed the blanket was used to finance studies on multiple sclerosis.

(Photo Lasorte)
1598 pairs for the largest waltz in the world!
guinness valzer
Trieste record: the dream of a waltz has become a reality!
1598 couples danced in Piazza Unità d'Italia on Saturday 15 December 2018 the largest waltz in the world taking away the record previously held since 2010 by the city of Tuzla, in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1510 pairs).
Thanks to all the participants!

Take a look! ;-)