Events, experiences and guided tours
Deposito a vista
10.10 - 31.12 Deposito a vista
The Civico Museo del Mare collection at Magazzino 26 at Porto Vecchio
Pescatori si diventa
20.12 - 27.10 Pescatori si diventa
Dioramas, models, tables to learn the craft of the sea. Permanent exhibition of the museum of the sea
Focus on the Miramare Castle
2.6 - 13.11 Focus on the Miramare Castle
The science of vision. Photography and optical instruments at the time of Maximilian of Habsburg
Triestestate - Autumn
1.7 - 25.10 Triestestate - Autumn
A wonderful season of performances, theatre, music, cinema and culture: streaming and live events
Marcello Dudovich (1878 – 1962)
10.7 - 10.1 Marcello Dudovich (1878 – 1962)
At the ex Stables of the Miramare Castle the exhibition dedicated to the great master from Trieste
Flavours of the karst plateau
16.10 - 1.11 Flavours of the karst plateau
Food, wine and more on the Karst plateau in Trieste
Trieste Photo Days
17.10 - 8.11 Trieste Photo Days
Urban photography festival
ITS 2020
23.10 - 23.10 ITS 2020
Trieste is the house of International Talent Support
Mercato dei Tritoni
24.10 - 26.12 Mercato dei Tritoni
Market of artistic craftsmanship, antiques, modern art and small collectibles
Piacevolmente Carso
25.10 - 8.11 Piacevolmente Carso
Nature trails on the Carso around Trieste
Trieste Science+Fiction Festival
29.10 - 3.11 Trieste Science+Fiction Festival
Film festival dedicated to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy
Antiques Fair
15.11 - 20.12 Antiques Fair
Dozens of stalls in the alleys of the Ghetto every third Sunday of the month
Rock Opera
29.5 - 29.5 Rock Opera
The greatest rock hits, arranged for orchestra and choir: Led Zeppelin • Deep Purple • Queen • Pink Floyd • The Rolling Stones • Toto • The Doors • AC/DC • Prince
Karst Wedding
25.8 - 29.8 Karst Wedding
Traditional festivities in Monrupino