Events, experiences and guided tours
Deposito a vista
10.10 - 31.12 Deposito a vista
The Civico Museo del Mare collection at Magazzino 26 at Porto Vecchio
Guerra tra archeologi
6.12 - 31.7 Guerra tra archeologi
L.K. Moser in the Karst caves on display in the natural history museum 
18.12 - 19.7 Escher
A major exhibition on the brilliant Dutch artist who is one of the best loved by the general public the world over
Pescatori si diventa
20.12 - 27.10 Pescatori si diventa
Dioramas, models, tables to learn the craft of the sea. Permanent exhibition of the museum of the sea
Trieste Settanta
31.1 - 23.8 Trieste Settanta
At Revoltella a particular exhibition with works by artists, testimonies of cultural operators and a rich documentary material on the artistic production of Trieste in the seventies.
Bruno Chersicla. Trieste teatro d’Europa
6.3 - 23.8 Bruno Chersicla. Trieste teatro d’Europa
At the theater museum an exhibition on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the graffiti by Guinness of Chersicla
Focus on the Miramare Castle
2.6 - 13.9 Focus on the Miramare Castle
The science of vision. Photography and optical instruments at the time of Maximilian of Habsburg
1.7 - 9.8 Triestestate
A wonderful season of performances, theatre, music, cinema and culture: streaming and live events
Marcello Dudovich (1878 – 1962)
10.7 - 10.1 Marcello Dudovich (1878 – 1962)
At the ex Stables of the Miramare Castle the exhibition dedicated to the great master from Trieste
To Die for Four Coins Winckelmann’s last trip
15.7 - 29.7 To Die for Four Coins Winckelmann’s last trip
Multimedia traveling reading at the Lapidary Garden
Antiques Fair
19.7 - 20.12 Antiques Fair
Dozens of stalls in the alleys of the Ghetto every third Sunday of the month
Mostra artistica creativa
19.7 - 20.12 Mostra artistica creativa
Traditional handicrafts market on Trieste
Trieste Maker Faire
4.9 - 5.9 Trieste Maker Faire
Two days of the Festival of Ingenuity, Creativity and Science in the European City of Science 2020
Corsa dei Castelli
18.10 - 18.10 Corsa dei Castelli
10 km all in one breath from the Castle of Miramare to the Castle of San Giusto!
Rock Opera
8.12 - 8.12 Rock Opera
The greatest rock hits, arranged for orchestra and choir: Led Zeppelin • Deep Purple • Queen • Pink Floyd • The Rolling Stones • Toto • The Doors • AC/DC • Prince
Banff Mountain Film Festival
10.12 - 10.12 Banff Mountain Film Festival
Great adventures and great emotions at the cinema - World Tour Italy
Karst Wedding
25.8 - 29.8 Karst Wedding
Traditional festivities in Monrupino