Events, experiences and guided tours
Deposito a vista
10.10 - 31.12 Deposito a vista
The Civico Museo del Mare collection at Magazzino 26 at Porto Vecchio
Guerra tra archeologi
6.12 - 31.7 Guerra tra archeologi
L.K. Moser in the Karst caves on display in the natural history museum 
18.12 - 7.6 Escher
A major exhibition on the brilliant Dutch artist who is one of the best loved by the general public the world over
Pescatori si diventa
20.12 - 27.10 Pescatori si diventa
Dioramas, models, tables to learn the craft of the sea. Permanent exhibition of the museum of the sea
Trieste Settanta
31.1 - 23.8 Trieste Settanta
At Revoltella a particular exhibition with works by artists, testimonies of cultural operators and a rich documentary material on the artistic production of Trieste in the seventies.
Bruno Chersicla. Trieste teatro d’Europa
6.3 - 23.8 Bruno Chersicla. Trieste teatro d’Europa
At the theater museum an exhibition on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the graffiti by Guinness of Chersicla
8.3 - 3.6 Notice
Urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019 (Coronavirus)
Discipula Promise Areas
18.5 - 11.7 Discipula Promise Areas
MLZ Art Dep re-opens its activity from May 18. In this starting phase, the gallery will receive its guests by appointment.
Mercato dei Tritoni
23.5 - 26.12 Mercato dei Tritoni
Market of artistic craftsmanship, antiques, modern art and small collectibles
24.5 - 27.12 Artiinpiazza
Exhibition and market of handmade artworks
At the Miramare museum ... for free!
7.6 - 6.12 At the Miramare museum ... for free!
When to visit the Castle of Miramare for free!
Museo casa mia
7.6 - 6.12 Museo casa mia
The first Sunday of the month free admission to civic museums!
Antiques Fair
21.6 - 20.12 Antiques Fair
Dozens of stalls in the alleys of the Ghetto every third Sunday of the month
4.7 - 12.7 ShorTS
International Film Festival
Corsa dei Castelli
18.10 - 18.10 Corsa dei Castelli
10 km all in one breath from the Castle of Miramare to the Castle of San Giusto!
Rock Opera
8.12 - 8.12 Rock Opera
The greatest rock hits, arranged for orchestra and choir: Led Zeppelin • Deep Purple • Queen • Pink Floyd • The Rolling Stones • Toto • The Doors • AC/DC • Prince
Banff Mountain Film Festival
10.12 - 10.12 Banff Mountain Film Festival
Great adventures and great emotions at the cinema - World Tour Italy
Karst Wedding
25.8 - 29.8 Karst Wedding
Traditional festivities in Monrupino