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Caffè degli Specchi

Caffè degli Specchi is on Trieste's main square, Piazza Unità d'Italia, inside Palazzo Stratti, commissioned by the Greek trader Niccolò Stratti.
Founded in 1839, it is the last remaining café of the original four that used to dominate the piazza that was once called Piazza Grande. The atmosphere inside is reminiscent of the Habsburg Empire: having a coffee here makes you feel a bit like Princess Sissi.

Caffè degli Specchi has always been considered Trieste's front parlour. Traders, intellectuals, army officers, all met here, also because it was the venue of concerts directed by the young Franz Lehar.
Its special, enchanting atmosphere, thanks to which it has been added to the Listed Buildings of Italy, takes you back to the times when its tables hosted important writers and famous historical personalities, such as Joyce and Svevo.

In the 19th century, the irredentists used to meet at Caffè degli Specchi and after the Second World War it became the headquarters of the British Navy.

Caffè degli Specchi witnessed all the big events and historical facts involving Trieste. Its name, which in Italian means "Café of the Mirrors", derives from the tradition of engraving important historical events on mirrors or sheets of glass. Unfortunately, today only three mirrors have been preserved.

Recently, the Peratoner family, master chocolatiers renowned across Italy, have taken over its management.

Therefore... in this historical Italian café, now you can enjoy coffee and lots of chocolate!
Caffè degli Specchi
piazza Unità d'Italia 7
tel. +39 040661973

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