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Getting around Trieste

Getting around Trieste is a breeze, whether you decide to walk, take public transportation or ride a bike. 
You can discover the beauty of Trieste by taking a sightseeing tour on HopTour bus. If you are interested in visiting the small Istrian-Venetian town of Muggia, you can take the Delfino Verde, a ferry frequently used by Trieste residents as well as tourists. 

  • By bus and tram By bus and tram Trieste has a dense network of bus lines connecting all of its neighbourhoods and is connected to the Karst plateau by a historic tram. read more >
  • By sea By sea There is regular daily ferry service between Trieste and Muggia, Barcola and Sistiana.
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  • By bicycle By bicycle Trieste and its environs are an ideal destination for wonderful bike rides, with a variety of routes suitable for expert cyclists as well as families.  read more >
  • By scooter By scooter Given the hills and shortage of parking spaces, scooters offer a convenient way of getting around. 
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  • By car By car Getting around Trieste by car means continually climbing and descending among the various areas of the city. Large main roads make it easy to enter and drive through the city and numerous paid parking areas are available. read more >
  • By Camper By Camper Rest equipped areas for campers
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