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Marco Ice Cream Shop

Good ice cream, healthy and genuine, at all times of the day.
Founded in 1979, Marco ice cream is prepared daily with fresh milk and cream, to guarantee a healthy and genuine product. 

It all started in the historical ice cream shop in Viale XX Settembre, owned by the De Martin family. There Marco took his first steps in the ice cream world and after selling the business he opened Marco ice cream shop, just a few steps from Piazza Unità.

All ingredients are of the highest quality and sourced among local and national products. You will be able to see for yourself, as you can watch the ice cream being prepared in plain view in the workshop.

Even those suffering from food intolerance will find their favourite flavour: egg-, dried fruit-, milk- and gluten-free, or suitable for vegans. 

Fruit ice cream does not contain milk and is made with seasonal fruit; the creamy flavours are milk-free and produced using innovative processes to avoid contamination with other ingredients
Gelateria Marco
via Malcanton 16/a
tel. +39 392 0788 230

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