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Penso Pastry Shop

Penso pastry shop has been a reference point for the people of Trieste since 1918!
When you say Penso... you say Sachertorte. Because the most famous chocolate cake in the world is the speciality of this historical pastry shop that has conquered the heart of the people of Trieste.

But it has a lot more to offer: specialities such as the presnitz, putizza, pinza, dobos and rigojanci cakes, as well as fave, krapfens, marzipan piggies and a lot more. Austrian, Hungarian, even Turkish specialities feature in the windows of Penso pastry shop, so you will have plenty to choose from.

In 2015, a new, more modern shop opened in the renewed area of Via Torino. You will find Penso 2 opposite the Revoltella Museum, where you will be able to enjoy not just Trieste's pastry specialities, but also aperitifs and ice creams!
Pasticceria Penso
via Armando Diaz 11
tel. +39 040 301530

Penso Caffè
(Gelateria Penso)

via Diaz 26/a
tel. +39 040 307631


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