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The Small Museum

Trieste's history is unique. In Trieste there is a place that celebrates this history through the everyday life of a family from Trieste: the Piccolo Museo (Small Museum).
The original virtual version of the museum was born on the web, when its founder Fulvio Madotto still lived in Como; in 2005, it found real space in an old 1830s building, in Via dei Fabbri 3, in Trieste. 

Hosted in a vintage apartment, it boasts a collection of common objects used in homes, but also in offices, schools, in the Navy and in churches, offering a historical and educational journey across the past 200 years, in the company of a unique family from Trieste, the Cordon-Bonetti family.

A family of inventors, patriots, artists, engineers, constructors and graphics, who lived and experienced Trieste's history in first person, with innovative spirit and focussing on progress. A common history discreetly evoked by the collection of objects looked after, catalogued, refurbished and displayed in the Piccolo Museo.

The museum can be visited by appointment, accompanied by its founder Fulvio Madotto and by Roberto Viscovich, who assists him with the museum's editorial tasks.

A journey in time at easy reach.
Il Piccolo Museo
via dei Fabbri 3

free entry

Visits by appointment:
tel. +39 338 6063902
tel. +39 338 1547018

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