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Caffè Torinese

Caffè Torinese is located in Corso Italia. Opened in 1919, its interior is adorned with works by renowned cabinetmaker Debelli, famous for furnishing the cabins of the two passenger ships Vulcania and Saturnia in the early 1900s. Inside, the café has maintained some of its original wood and brass features.
After almost a century, Caffè Torinese, with its original Art Nouveau bar and spectacular crystal ceiling lamp, is one of the very few listed buildings to have maintained its original appearance.

In 1999, it was added to the Listed Buildings of Italy, and maintains the gold plate that certifies the authenticity of its furniture and structure.

When its management changed, in October 2014, Caffè Torinese adopted a more modern approach: to offer not just coffee but also fresh patisserie, the best quality wines, and quick lunches prepared with selected ingredients.

The real new element is their long-standing passion for mixology, the art and craft of mixing drinks based on the delicate balance of all ingredients, alcoholic or not, which must be selected and combined carefully.
Caffè Torinese
Corso Italia 2
tel. +39 389 6543611

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