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Antico Caffè San Marco

Antico Caffè San Marco was renovated a number of times, but has mostly remained how its founder, Marco Lovrinovich, originally wanted it to be back in 1914.
Inside, it features elegant furniture, marble and stuccos created under the supervision of famous artist (as well as alpinist and writer) Napoleone Cozzi, and is beautifully decorated with paintings by Vito Timmel. The café has always been popular with artists and intellectuals (Timmel, Flumiani, Voghera, Tomizza, Mattioni, Magris), and during the Great War it was the place where passports were forged, to allow anti-Austrian patriots into Italy.

This is why, on 23 May 1915, it was destroyed and closed down by the Austro-Hungarian army. It stayed closed until after the Second World War, when it was taken over and renovated by Assicurazioni Generali.
Recently, after changing management several times (managers included the Stock sisters, often mentioned by Claudio Magris, who was a regular here), it has come back to life as café, restaurant and bookshop.

During the year, it hosts events, book presentations and milongas!
Antico Caffè San Marco
via Cesare Battisti 18
tel. +39 040 0641724

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