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Sea Museum

The Sea Museum is located in what was once the principal building of Trieste's first lazaretto (quarantine station).
Closed for start-transfer procedures Magazzino 26, Porto Vecchio
The Municipality of Trieste informs that from Monday 1 April the headquarters of the Civic Museum of the Sea in via di Campo Marzio is closed to the public to allow the activities of reconnaissance of the assets, verification and evaluation of the single finds, preparation of documentation and programming of transports for the transfer of the collections to Magazzino 26 of Porto Vecchio.

It should be remembered that the headquarters of the Civic Museum of the Sea of Magazzino 26 of the Porto Vecchio, dedicated to the "Lloyd on sight storage" section, is already open to the public.
Museo del mare
via Campo Marzio 5
tel. +39 040 30 48 85 - +39 040 30 49 87

Museo del mare
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museum closed

Deposito a vista
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