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Sculture in cuoio

Sculptures, small objects, Commedia dell'arte masks, all hand-made in fine Florentine leather
In her workshop in Viale XX Settembre, Cristina Cuscito uses leather and traditional techniques to create contemporary shapes that surprise and amaze.

Cristina started her self-taught artistic career in 2008 in Florence focussing on the old traditional Italian Commedia dell'arte masks. The characters behind the masks represent fixed social types: Harlequin, Pulcinella, Doctor Balanzone, Capitano... Cristina also makes the wood frames on which she models the leather masks. Additionally, on request she creates personalised masks.

After moving to Trieste, the natural beauty and the colours of the Karst plateau, inspired her to create the lovely multifunctional leaves: jewellery, jewellery boxes, censers, centrepieces, change trays...

At Sculture in Cuoio you will also find planners with leather covers and diaries made with recycled paper.
Sculture in cuoio
viale XX Settembre 43/c
tel. 3462212517

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