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Marine Aquarium

If you are interested in learning about the marine species that live in the waters of the Gulf of Trieste, the Marine Aquarium is the right place.
Thirty small tanks hold fish and crustaceans typical of the Adriatic, while a large octagonal tank holds larger fish including rays and small sharks.

In the past, the aquarium was famous for a particular resident, a penguin named Marco. Picked up by a motor vessel owned by Lloyd Triestino in South Africa in 1953, the penguin was brought to the aquarium. For 31 long years, he was adored and petted by all, becoming the city's mascot. Customers going to the adjacent fish market could see him happily pattering in front of the aquarium, ready to be petted and fed small fish by children and posing for photos with tourists.
On the upper floor, a somewhat unusual feature in an aquarium, there is a vivarium. The various terrariums hold reptiles and amphibians typical of the fauna in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the surrounding regions, including vipers, toads and green frogs. The biggest attraction, however, is undoubtedly the large reptile terrarium, where visitors can see boas, pythons (one measuring 4 metres) and iguanas in all of their splendour.

Interesting fact
The water in the fish tanks is taken directly from the sea at the base of the pier and pumped into the clock tower at a height of approximately 10 metres. It is held there in a large settling tank and then transferred by gravity into the tanks on the ground floor. This enables the system to continually change the water while leaving the plankton content intact.
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The following museums cannot be visited at the moment, as they are affected by redevelopment, rearrangement or transfer:

Civico Aquario Marino
- Molo Pescheria, 2 / Riva Nazario Sauro, 1
Civic Museum of the Sea - Via di Campo Marzio 5
Civic Museum Morpurgo - Via Imbriani, 5
Civic Museum of Homeland History - Via Imbriani, 5
Civic Museum of Istrian, Fiumana and Dalmatian Civilization - Via Torino, 8
Aquario Marino (Marine Aquarium)
molo Pescheria, 2
riva Nazario Sauro, 1
tel. +39 040 30 62 01
fax +39 040 322 05 20

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