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Lister Sartoria Sociale

In San Giovanni Park, where a hundred years ago was a mental hospital, now you can visit Atelier Lister.
In a spacious room on the ground floor of pavilion M of the Parco Culturale di San Giovanni (San Giovanni - Cultural Park), you will find the colourful garments and accessories created by this social atelier: skirts, dresses, bags, cushions, upholstery for armchairs and sofas, kites, scarecrows, garments for pets...

All in the name of recycled clothes... and umbrellas! In Trieste, when the Bora blows, many umbrellas end up in a bad shape... but Atelier Lister gives them a new life! They take them apart, repair the fabric and that's it: here comes a new shopping bag, a kite or a useful waterproof cape.
You will also find the Listerbags, the extensive and original range of bags, the Listerjeans made with a special fabric produced in-house, the re-ties, or reinvented ties, as well as Sami products, made from wool blend fabric, perfect to face the cold and the Bora.

May the eco-friendly shopping begin!
Lister Sartoria Sociale
via De Pastrovich 1
(Pavilion M - Parco di San Giovanni)
tel. +39 040 3997243

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