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"Venderigole", women selling from market stalls, have always been some of the most charismatic and characteristic figures among Trieste's outdoor traders, especially in Piazza Ponterosso.

At the end of the 1800s, Ponterosso market was one of the busiest and liveliest markets in Trieste; this was where, thanks to the navigable canal, all the large boats arrived and foreigners were greeted with smiles and a lot of shouting!

The tradition continues to this day - without the boats - and not just at Ponterosso market, but in street markets across Trieste, where flowers, clothes and typical local products are sold every week. Additionally, a traditional antiques and flea market is held near Piazza Unità on the 3rd Sunday of each month (the 2nd in October, to coincide with the Barcolana regatta).

For fresh produce, head to the Fruit and Vegetable Market, open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Anyone interested in unique items made by young artists, craftsmen and designers, should definitely visit the Barbacan Produce market, held 5 times per year in Barbacan square!
Markets and flea markets info and opening hours
Fruit and Vegetable Market
Riva Ottaviano Augusto 12
open from 9 till 10, from Tuesday to Saturday

Campagna Amica Market
campo San Giacomo
Saturday from 8 to 2pm
Campagna Amica 

Markets in public areas
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Barbacan Produce

Piazza Barbacan and surrounding areas
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