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Historic enterprises

8 shops that have witnessed Trieste's history!
Maybe not everyone knows that 6 shops in Trieste are more than a hundred years old.

wine shop, Bomboniera pastry shop (since 1836), Bosco supermarket (since 1880), Donda shoemakers (since 1887), Monti household linen (since 1832) and the restaurant Antica Trattoria Suban (since 1865), have all been recognized as historic enterprises and included in the National Register established by Unioncamere in occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

All these companies represent Trieste's entrepreneurial spirit and have seen and gone through a lot. They lived through three centuries, survived two World Wars and witnessed the transformations that have influenced Trieste's life.

One of the oldest, Bischoff, was founded in 1777 by Antonio Bischoff, a Swiss trader who had foreseen the business potential of Trieste's free port.