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Slivia Cave

One of the three Queens of the Karst region.
Grotta delle Torri di Slivia (Cave of the Towers of Silvia), owes its name to the majestic stalagmites (towers) that appeared before the eyes of the first official expedition of speleologists of the "Società degli Alpinisti Triestini", on 6 January 1885. Pejca v Lascu (in Slovenian), is the name the locals know it by.

The cave, 554 meters long, has been known for time immemorial thanks to the chasm that opens in a slight depression of the ground, and was one of the first caves in the Karst region of Trieste to be explored.

It is located near the farm by the same name and can be visited between March and November.
Guided trips to one of the most spectacular caves in the Karst plateau, Grotta di Slivia, one of the three queens of the Karst, are starting again.

The cave has an internal staircase alongside its natural well which takes visitors down into the heart of the cave to a depth of around seventy metres where the tourist route ends. Then the cave disappears into narrow tunnels and drops all the way to the waters underlying the Karst plateau at a depth of 101 metres.

Guides accompany visitors in their exploration of the spectacular natural setting of the underground caves of the Trieste Karst with their incredible formations: stalactites, stalagmites, gours, cave curtains, soda straws, chandeliers and the group of monumental stalagmite towers the cave is named after.

The cave runs underneath Azienda Agricola Le Torri di Slivia's land and is the only privately managed tourist cave in Italy. The info point/ticket office is inside the estate's farm holiday building where the osmiza service is also held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer season (for information on the osmiza's opening days consult
Guided visit to the Slivia Cave
March, April, May, 1-15 June:
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.30 / 2.00pm / 3:30pm

June 16-30, July, August, September until 15:

every day: 10.30am / 12.00am / 2.00pm / 3.30pm

September 16-30, October:

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.30 / 2.00pm / 3:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.30 / 2.00pm

December, January and February:
closed (possible opening on request)
Adults: 10 Euros
Children aged 4 to 12: 7 Euros
Schools: 6 Euros (per child)
Information on guided tours
Guided tours to the Torri di Slivia cave begin with a brief and attractive Agribus - tractor with trailer - trip which takes visitors from the ticket office and farm holiday building to the manmade entrance to the cave in a few minutes. Visits last around an hour and 15 minutes including this journey.

Visits to the caves involve going down 200 steps and returning the same way. Temperatures inside the cave vary from season to season from 3 to 9 degrees and humidity levels of over 90% in the cave can make some sections of the route slippery. For this reason, visitors are advised to bring a jacket and wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles.

Visits are guided only and at set hours. Booking is not necessary for organised groups of fewer than 15 people. Just turn up on time at the farm holiday building. For organised groups of over 15, booking is recommended.
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