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Gemina Trail

The old Roman route, connecting Aquileia and Tergeste, is accessible to everyone, by bicycle, on horseback or on foot
Sentiero Gemina
Gemina is a dirt road accessible to everyone; it leads from Piazza di Malchina to the centre of Sgonico, through the delightful areas of San Pelagio and Prepotto.

The itinerary includes some estate roads used over the years for farming activities; in fact the trail follows what in Roman times was the route connecting the West with the East.

A number of direction signs, with green arrows on a yellow background, indicate the way and point you to the osmize, the places to eat and stay and the artisan businesses that can be found along the trail. Signs with information about the local plants and animals are also available along the way.

An easy and accessible excursion that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike; a way of discovering Karst, with its oak trees and hornbeams, limestone rocks and red soils burnt by the sun, sinkholes, caves and land superbly conquered by the generous vines.

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