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Agriturismo Grgic

At Grgic you can taste dishes personally prepared by the proprietor from fresh zero km ingredients!
At Grgic you can experience genuine products, leisurely eating and nature's benevolence.

The cuisine includes typical dishes of Karst tradition: antipasti, a first course such as the traditional "jota" soup of Trieste, "minestra de bobici", made with corn and beans, or homemade pasta.

Second courses include sauerkraut and sausages, grilled meat from home-reared animals, and characteristic "tecia" potatoes, and to finish there are desserts prepared from old family recipes.

Horse lovers may like to know that Agriturismo Grgic keeps various types of horses, which can be seen during a visit.
Small farm animals
Sale of farm produce
Agriturismo Grgic
localitĂ  Padriciano, 193, Trieste
tel.: +39040226445
mob.: +393383204961
mob.: +393388804089

Friday to Sunday, 11:00-23:00. Closed during harvest time.
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