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Atelier Home Gallery

An unconventional space in which artists meet art enthusiasts
Atelier Home Gallery organises exhibitions and events in the period home of artists Roberto del Frate and Roberta de Jorio, presenting the work of contemporary artists to investigate how art relates to a space with an intimate ambience.

The space is divided in two: the actual gallery, in which the exhibitions are held and design objects are showcased, and painter Roberto del Frate's atelier.

This "home gallery" is located on the third floor of the historic Panfili Palace, build by the Panfili family in the 19th century, with the characteristic large, spacious rooms typical of those times.

In addition to the art gallery's activities, Atelier Home Gallery also hosts painting classes, talks about psychoanalysis, musical events, film and video projections, book presentations and readings as well as wine and culinary events.
Atelier Home Gallery
Palazzo Panfili
via della Geppa 2

Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 6pm to 8pm or by appointment
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