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A characteristic almond dessert that is always served in Trieste during feasts for the dead.
Small almond biscuits called fave, flavoured with vanilla, rosewater and chocolate, are eaten in Trieste during the feasts for the dead in October and November.

Just like cherries, one draws another. Fave are white, pink and brown to symbolize birth, life and death respectively.
250 g peeled almonds
125 g flour
3 large egg whites
250 g sugar
vanilla shot glass of white rosolio liqueur
few drops of rose oil or rosewater
shot glass of alkermes rosolio liqueur
50 g grated chocolate

When baking Trieste-style fave, it is important to use a barely warm oven. The best way to achieve this is to toast some bread, then turn off the heat and bake the fave.

Grind the almonds and let them dry for two days. In a bowl, blend the flour and a little egg white into a smooth dough.
Gradually add the remaining egg whites, sugar and almonds, stirring continuously.

When the dough becomes fluffy, divide it into three parts. Add vanilla and white rosolio to the first part, rose oil and alkermes to the second and chocolate to the third.

Shape the dough into traditional fave forms and dry in a warm oven.