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Terrazza Ausonia

The Restaurant Terrazza Ausonia is the perfect place to pamper yourself after a day in the sun or simply enjoy a special evening.
Terrazza Ausonia
The restaurant is located on a scenic terrace facing the Gulf of Trieste and offers shelter in the event of inclement weather. The restaurant's menu focuses primarily on fish, using the freshest local products purchased exclusively in Trieste. This ensures the high quality of the food while supporting the local economy.

While the majority of the restaurant's dishes are fish-based, there are also a few non-fish options. Examples of typical dishes include scallops in bread crust, mixed au gratin, sardoni in savor (local fried anchovies), busara (pasta with fish), fried or grilled fish from the Gulf of Trieste and various fish of the day prepared to the customer's liking.

Terrazza Ausonia
riva Traiana 1
tel. +39 334 5085653/+39 334 5085653

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