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Liberty Pastry Shop

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Liberty is the new traditional pastry shop in Trieste where you can enjoy typical local desserts, cakes and products for vegans and people with food intolerances.
Our products are the result of time, passion and quality: the time needed to research the finest ingredients and perform the long, slow preparations, the passion that is the shop's driving force, and quality, keeping in mind that each dessert is part of a chain and is therefore no stronger than its weakest link.

For this reason, Liberty Pastry Shop uses the finest Valrhona chocolates, stone-ground Petra flours, natural yeast, PDO extra-virgin olive oil from Trieste, Corman butter from Belgium, Pirano salt and candied fruit from Rolando Morandin.
These are the elements used to create our desserts, which range from classics like Sacher, Dobos and Rigojancsi tortes to dry biscuits and modern, decorated cakes. The shop also produces hand-made croissants, pinza cake, putizza cake, presnitz pastry and curabiè biscuits.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of desserts for people with gluten and milk intolerances, while Vegan products are available on Friday and Saturday.

Several interesting pastry-making and cooking courses are offered from October to May. Visit our Facebook page for the complete schedule.
Pasticceria Liberty
Laboratorio Artigianale Angelini
via Carpison 7/c
34133 - Trieste
tel. +39 040 2460879

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