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Trieste Golf & More

The sea and rocky shores, excitement and relaxation. Enjoy the allure of a hotel near the sea in the centre of Trieste, admiring a lively city whose former status as the Habsburg Empire's most important port is still apparent, and the magic of a Golf Club on the plateau close to the Slovenian border, surrounded by the rich scents and colours of the Karst region. This holiday package offers the opportunity to play a dream 18-hole golf course and experience the extraordinary vibrancy of the border city of Trieste. The first day is devoted to sightseeing in the city, exploring the splendid Unità Square, walking amidst the antique shops in the historic Ghetto, seeing the shops and restaurants on Cavana and visiting the famous San Giusto Castel and San Giusto Cathedral.
The second and third days, on the other hand, are devoted to enjoying the 5,810 metre course at Golf Club Trieste in Padriciano, perfectly nestled amidst oaks, pines and the rugged hills of the Karst plateau. While not intimidating at first sight, the course should not be underestimated - be especially careful on Hole 17, where there is a high risk of being distracted by the splendid view overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, which stretches from Grado Lagoon to the coast of Istria.
 The days spent on the green include a delicious sandwich brunch. In addition, an opportunity for discovery and enjoyment is planned for the evening of the second day, with a visit to one of the most prestigious wineries on the Karst plateau, including a tasting of wine and traditional local products. On the fourth day, die-hard golfers can play another round at Golf Club Trieste, while those interested in trying something different can, upon request, take advantage of one of the following excursions: an enchanting visit to romantic Miramare Castle or spectacular Duino Castle (both perched on a cliff overlooking the sea), a day amidst the narrow streets of Portopiccolo, or a class at the Illy University of Coffee.
 Whichever you choose, when you leave Trieste you can admire the splendid views along the Strada Costiera (Coastal Road).
Recommended itinerary
First day:
Arrive in Trieste and check in at the hotel.
Free time to stroll through the city centre, visiting attractions like beautiful Unità d'Italia Square, also known as the city's sitting room on the sea, the historic ghetto, the old town, antique and vintage shops, and San Giusto Castle.
Dinner at a restaurant.

Second day:
Golf day.
Green fee included and tee time guaranteed. Sandwich brunch at Golf Club Trieste included.
Evening visit to one of the Karst plateau's prestigious wineries (Zidarich or Kante), with a tasting of wine and traditional local products.

Third day:
Golf day.
Green fee included and tee time guaranteed. Sandwich brunch at Golf Club Trieste included.

Fourth day:
Golf day or, upon request, enjoy one of the various Civado excursions: beautiful Miramare Castle or Duino Castle, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, a day in Portopiccolo, or a class at the Illy University of Coffee.
Airport transfer - not included.
Terms and Conditions
Rate per person:
3-star hotel: € 420
4-star hotel: € 490

The rate includes:
- 3 nights in a hotel of the category requested, breakfast included
- 2 green frees
- 2 sandwich brunches at Golf Club Trieste
- 1 dinner at a restaurant (wine and beverages excluded)
- 1 wine and food tasting on the Karst plateau
- the Civado Plus excursions indicated in the itinerary
- online assistance during your stay
- trip documents, information and Civado Notes
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