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Jerian pastry shop

For four generations, the Jerian family has been baking more than 40 types of fresh bread every day. 
Jerian pastry shop is also popular for the quality of its traditional products from Trieste and the Karst plateau, including putizza cake, presnitz pastry, strudel and fave di mandorla (almond biscuits), as well as walnut, Linzer, Sacher and Delizia tortes. 

The Pinza cake, the star of Trieste's desserts and a speciality of the shop, deserves special mention; since Gambero Rosso called it Italy's best Easter treat.  
The selection is rounded out with fresh sweet and savoury pastries, biscuits, chocolate, pizza, focaccia, bread and organic desserts, all made by the shop. 

In addition to the shop's historic location at Via Combi 26, a few years ago new shops were added at Via Roiano 1, at the entrance to Trieste, and Via Cavana 10, in the heart of the city, near the shore. 
Pasticceria Jerian
via Combri 26, via Roiano 1, via Cavana 10

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