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Buffet Bier Stube

Beautifully decorated in wood, Bier Stube Trieste is a small restaurant in the centre of the city that opens in the evening. 
It serves traditional dishes from Trieste, Slovenia and Austria, including jota (bean, sauerkraut and potato soup), gnocchi, spatzle (noodles), goulash, boiled meats, "ljubljanska", patate in tecia (boiled potato dish), sauerkraut and other dishes, all given a modern touch. 

Everything served comes from local producers, including the beers. The quiet atmosphere makes it perfect for relaxed conversations and listening to good music. 

Speciality of the house: 
Bohemian gnocco with roast pork shank (single dish) and "Carsolina in B" for dessert. 
Buffet Bier Stube
via Madonna del Mare 6/D
tel. +39 040 301277

Open from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am Closed Tuesdays
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