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Al Petes

A pub serving traditional local cuisine in historic Trieste. 
"Petes", an old word in Triestine dialect, lives again in Via dei Capitelli, in the Cavana area of the city. "Petes" means wine or alcohol in general.

Al Petes serves traditional dishes from Trieste like Jota (bean, sauerkraut and potato soup), bread or potato gnocchi with goulash, calandraca (boiled meat and vegetables), meatballs made with Terrano wine from the Karst plateau, and "caldaia" (boiled mixed pork products).  
The menu also offers delicious salads, meat and cheese boards and fish dishes like marinated and fried anchovies).
Al Petes' specialities await you amidst the streets of historic Trieste. 
Al Petes vino e cibo in Cittavecchia
via dei Capitelli 5/a
34121 Trieste
tel. +39 040 2602329
cell. +39 328 5995578

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