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Buffet Siora Rosa

The legendary "Siora Rosa" has been replaced in the kitchen, but have no fear - Rosa still watches over this historic buffet from a portrait on the dining room wall. 
siora rosa
Founded in 1921, Buffet Siora Rosa is a typical Trieste restaurant, where customers can enjoy lunch or have a snack. Options include pork-based sandwiches like prosciutto ham baked in a bread crust, porcina pork, cotechino sausage, pork loin, Kranjska sausage, Viennese sausage and corned tongue with mustard and horseradish. 

Our selection of traditional dishes includes bread gnocchi with goulash, plum gnocchi, sardoni in savor (fried anchovies), Veneto-style creamed dried salted cod, stewed cuttlefish with polenta, tripe, and jota, a local soup made with beans, sauerkraut and potatoes.

In addition to traditional dishes, the restaurant also serves a variety of first courses, including vegetarian options, while baked and sautéed fresh seasonal vegetables are prepared daily. 
Buffet Siora Rosa
piazza Attilio Hortis, 3
tel. +39 040 301460