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Rossetti Multi-purpose Theatre

The Rossetti Multi-purpose Theatre, also known as the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, is the Trieste theatre that hosts performances of every type, from dramas to musicals and dance performances.  
Politeama Rossetti
Designed in 1878 by architect Nicolò Bruno, the building is an imposing Eclectic-style structure, featuring an elegant, delicate exterior that has an almost neo-Renaissance appearance.

The Rossetti theatre is located just before the hill on Viale XX Settembre, compelling the architect to design the main façade to follow a steep slope.

The theatre activities are held in two rooms: the smaller Bartoli Room has 128 seats and is used for contemporary dramas, while the Sala Maggiore (Large Room) has a seating capacity of 1530. 
2018/2019 Season
56 titles, which are divided into Prose, Altri Percorsi, Dance, Musical, include spearheads of the Italian scene, research experiences, exclusives and international excellence.

Among the international proposals Momix, Stomp, "Cinderella on Ice" and the musical "Ghost" that from England arrives in Trieste exclusively for Italy.

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Politeama Rossetti

viale XX Settembre, 45
tel. +39 040 359 3511

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