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Bora Museum

The Magazzino dei Venti - Bora Museum Project was inaugurated in 2004, not merely as a museum, but more as a place of curiosities celebrating wind and the imagination.
It is a testbed for the idea of creating the Bora and Wind Museum in Trieste.
The Bora is one of the city's most famous features, and it deserves to be celebrated in a special place, which will be built sooner or later.
This place is a "museum in progress", designed to discreetly promote the Bora Museum Project.

It is the museum "in miniature", a small centre for documentation on the wind, where visitors can leaf through books by past and present authors, from Stendhal to Rodari, who have mentioned Trieste's wind, and discover multimedia materials and wind-related curiosities from Trieste (e.g. the famous Bora ropes) and around the world (e.g. the pindekan of Bali).

There is also an exhibition of a novel collection of winds in bottles, from near and far (Centoventi Project).

Visits are always customized, and workshops for schools and general visitors are held, allowing participants to learn about the "wind phenomenon" through play activities.

After all, isn't the wind really "air that plays"?

Nobody leaves the Magazzino dei Venti without learning how to make a simple pinwheel.

Visits by appointment
For individuals/small groups
Best to reserve a few days in advance

Advance booking advised
For school visits
Best to reserve a few weeks in advance 

Do you want to discover the places of bora? Download this brochure! (Pdf, 1.8 MB)
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Magazzino dei Venti
via Belpoggio, 9
tel. +39 040 307478 

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