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Napoleonic Way

An easy trail that offers beautiful views, suitable for bicycles and families with young children and pushchairs  
Strada Napoleonica
This easy path offers beautiful glimpses and panoramic views of the city and the Gulf of Trieste. It is known as the Strada Vicentina, or, as the residents of Trieste call it, the Strada Napoleonica (Napoleonic Way).

The path connects Opicina to Prosecco and measures five kilometres (for those interested in walking the entire route). Set amidst verdant nature (you can follow a wide gravel path or one of the narrower trails through the woods), the route is sheltered from the Bora, with occasional sunlit stretches.

One legend has it that Napoleonic troops created the route, giving origin to its name. The other name of the path, Strada Vicentina, probably originates from Vicentini, the last name of the engineer who planned it.
The starting point is Piazzale dell'Obelisco in Opicina, which can easily be reached by car (parking available), bus (Nos. 2 and 4) or the distinctive local tram. The route can also be started in Prosecco, where there is a large parking area.

Interesting fact: Towards the end of the Napoleonic Way, the trail leaves the wooded area and continues through a rocky area with several vertical walls. These walls have become a destination for free climbers, offering a training area for beginners and more experienced climbers. It is an enjoyable place to take a break and watch the climbers put themselves to the test.

Strada  Napoleonica

Strada Nuova per Opicina (Obelisco)