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ITS - International Talent Support, created and organized by EVE, acts as a creative platform to showcase and support the most interesting young talents on the planet.  
ITS started out in 2002 to back young creativity with the ITS FASHION contest, evolving to include the ITS ACCESSORIES, ITS JEWELRY and ITS ARTWORK contests. Many of the over 580 finalists selected for the contest up to now occupy key positions in the most important fashion brands, or have established themselves with their own lines.

In these 20 years ITS also built the impressive ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE, a truly unique collection tracing the history of fashion evolution. It boasts 18,000 projects coming from over 80 countries (over 17 tons of portfolios), more then 240 outfits, 125 accessories, 86 jewelry pieces and 700 digital photo projects.
The archive represents an amazing resource inspiring new creative processes, created to help set creativity in motion, connecting what has been created to what will be created. This breathtaking collection is neatly stored in the refurbished attic of the ITS/EVE HQ building and never stops evolving, as every year each finalist leaves an item from their collection.

ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE is a "Protected Reserve for Talents", a treasure to be discovered and experienced by appointment only and in selected moments of the year. 

In the ITS dedicated webpage you can read the quotes of three renowned international curators (Metropolitan Museum of Arts - New York; Victoria&Albert Museum - London; Musée Galliera - Paris) regarding the ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE collection.
ITS Creative Archive
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