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La bottega di Trimalcione

Located inside of the historic centre of Trieste, La Bottega di Trimalcione. The owner, Walter Zacchi, can prepare custom dishes, and sometimes entertains customers with renderings of opera ballads and readings from Dante.
La bottega di Trimalcione
"La Bottega" born at the end of 1997 with desire to give satisfaction who no need a boring kitchen, but where "the gourmet" can taste "a different kitchen", but also tipical recepies, a sincere and young kitchen that cross the dull but kepping the orignal flavour, scent and identity of the ingredient.

You can find a lot of marriage between fresh fish, fresh crustacean and shellfish with vegetable and sometime meat, just to build new delicious and armonic flavour all made with symple and known ingredients. Small tastes, small pearls of scent just to amaze you and than another dish with another surprise, all to amaze and enjoy the custom.

They daily buy fresh products directly on board the fishing boat and so they write the menù.
The menù
Whole period of summer time you can find many opportunity of degustation menù:
Big Zodiaco, Small Zodiaco, Trimalcione, Summernight, and so on, you can choose from the Wine Card the regional wines, like Vitovska or Refosco and you can taste everithing in a confortable and fresh air dehor.
La bottega di Trimalcione
via del Lazzaretto Vecchio 3
tel. +39 347 887 4242

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