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Ristorante Ai Fiori

A fish restaurant established in the 1960s, it owes its name (which means "Restaurant of Flowers") to the fact that at that time Trieste's artists exhibited their floral paintings here.
Trattoria Ai Fiori
Maria Giovanna Saletù and Alberto Saglio Ponci have always wanted to run their own restaurant. Their dream finally came true in January 2013, when they became the proprietors of the Trattoria Ai Fiori. The Trattoria Ai Fiori had occupied the same historical premises in the heart of Trieste for almost a century, a significant chapter in the city's long and eventful history, when they took over and opened it as a restaurant.

Its principles can be encapsulated as "careful choice and inspired combination of ingredients", "sophisticated wine selection" and "hospitality".

The Trattoria Ai Fiori has won a reputation for seafood and the innovative menus of its new proprietors. Fish dishes are based on seasonal availability and meat dishes are always on the list. Vegetarian options are also available.

Special attention is given to the needs of clients with food allergies and intolerances such as coeliac disease.

Trattoria Ai Fiori
piazza Hortis, 7
tel. +39 040 300 633
cel. +39 3473934467

Sunday closed
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