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Pub Skala Gropada

Pub Skala Gropada is located in the Casa di Cultura - Kulturni Dom complex in Gropada.
It has a varied menu, with a focus on high quality at a modest price. It has excellent wines from the Karst plateau (Kras), Collio (Brda) and Vipava Valley (Vipavska dolina), and premium Bavarian beers from Wieninger, a small family-run brewery.

The pub serves meat and vegetarian dishes, hot sandwiches and various specialties of the house, including palacinke impanate (sweet crepes), savoury potato pie, various types of crespelle (crepes), sirloin steak with Jamar cheese sauce, and hot sandwiches typical of the Karst plateau and Istria.

It also has a remarkable selection of unusual cheeses (up to 20 different types, depending on the season) and cured meats, and an exceptional variety of sweet palacinke, with 75 different jams and creams.
Pub Skala Gropada
localitĂ  Gropada 82