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Pirona Pastry Shop

Pirona Pastry Shop was founded in 1900 by Alberto Pirona.
Pasticceria Pirona
It is located in Largo Barriera Vecchia, an area whose buildings represent the flowering of Late Neoclassical style in Trieste.
The shop was originally a café for enjoying a quick treat. Over time however, with intellectuals and gourmands, it became a true Trieste institution.
It quickly became popular with the nobility and bourgeoisie, and was also frequented by intellectuals and scholars.
In fact, it was in this very pastry shop that James Joyce began writing his Ulysses.

After more than a century, customers can still enjoy traditional desserts like presnitz pastry, putizza cake, pinza cake, fave almond biscuits, marzipan, mandorlati almond biscuits and elegant small pastries and delicacies, as well as Austro-Hungarian tortes and cakes ranging from Sacher to Rigo Jancsi.
Largo Barriera Vecchia 12


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