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Carlo and Vera Wagner Museum of the Jewish Community in Trieste

The Carlo and Vera Wagner Museum of the Jewish Community in Trieste is located in a building that holds particular historical importance for the city of Trieste. 
The address Via del Monte 5/7 was the headquarters of the Jewish organization that received refugees seeking to escape from the Nazis aboard ships leaving Trieste for Palestine or the Americas.
Opened in 1993, the Carlo and Vera Wagner Museum was created to protect this Jewish past and provide a permanent home for the Judaica collection that the Jewish Community of Trieste has owned for centuries.
The museum contains extremely important historical documents and has a section dedicated to the memory of Trieste residents deported during the Holocaust.
The "Gal Avanim" covered outdoor lapidary contains the remaining vestiges of the old Jewish cemetery in Trieste.
In 2014, the Jewish Community of Trieste initiated work to rearrange the display to enhance the value of the museum's rich heritage. In terms of quality and quantity, the museum's collection is one of the most important in Italy and provides unique documentation of Jewish life in Friuli Venezia Giulia. 
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Museo della comunità Ebraica di Trieste Carlo e Vera Wagner
via del Monte 5 e 7
34100 Trieste
tel. +39 040 633819 

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