Trieste: city of the sea

Beaches along the Strada Costiera (Coastal Road)

 If you are the athletic type, there are numerous steep trails along the coastal road, that lead to bays and coves with beaches that have few or no services, offering the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful spot and splendid sea.
Spiagge libere lungo la strada Costiera
Just to mention the most noteworthy ones: the trail that leaves from the Ristorante Tenda Rossa leads to the small port of Santa Croce, and the steps that leave from the Trattoria Alla Costiera lead to a small solitary beach immersed in greenery.

A beach that offers at least one refreshment area is the Filtri beach, which is reached from Via Piccard, a dead end near the Santa Croce intersection leading to the Bellariva restaurant.

Canovella de Zoppoli, Aurisina Marina
A white pebble beach and large rock slabs to stretch out on amid blue sea, green Mediterranean scrub, and a lovely small port (fishing recommended only for dinghies and small boats). During the summer there is also a kiosk at this beautiful little beach selling refreshments and fish dishes, such as fried or breaded bluefish and calamari.

FKK Beaches
There is a nude beach that can be reached from the terrace of the Bellariva restaurant. Just follow along the foreshore towards the Marine Biology Laboratory and small port. After passing a small wooded area, there is a beautiful beach that has fresh water from a spring rising on the sandy shore.

The Liburnia beach is also very beautiful. It can be reached by descending an iron stairway - located about 100 m past the natural tunnel - that comes out on a steep, uneven path leading directly to the beach.

Costa dei Barbari Beach
Bordered on one side by Porto Piccolo and on the other by the Hotel Europa, this gravel and white pebble beach is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a crystal-clear sea. It has no services, but perhaps this is why it has maintained its wild beauty. To reach it from Monfalcone, head towards Sistiana and park just before the village where a bend in the road has been closed to traffic and turned into a parking area. There are several steep trails that descend to the sea.