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Mount Stena Trail

If you are truly fearless and dare to challenge the Bora in all its strength and beauty, you can't miss hiking on Mount Stena.
Sentiero Il monte Stena
This stark mountain, which is almost devoid of vegetation because it has been violently battered by the Bora over the centuries, offers a unique experience and a breathtaking view of the Rosandra Valley that stretches to the sea on a clear day.

The hike is not difficult and is suitable for all, but if you decide to take it during the winter, be sure to dress appropriately (windproof jacket, hat and gloves are essential).

Just park the car in San Lorenzo and take the trail that leaves from behind the small church, crossing the barrier. When you come to an intersection, turn to the right and take Trail No. 1 along the rocky embankment. The scenery is exceptional, with an alternating series of precipices and woods until you reach the turning for Mount Stena. Follow the slowly climbing path, being careful of the wind when you are not sheltered by the trees!
When you are almost at the top, turn to the left and climb to the summit itself to admire the view and enjoy a snack if you brought one.
To return, continue following the trail that winds between fields and leads into a wooded area sheltered from the Bora, and in a short time you will be back at the intersection where you started.
Sentiero Il monte Stena (Mount Stena Trail )

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