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Karst Wedding

The Karst Wedding is a traditional event of the municipality of Monrupino.
Nozze Carsiche
Based on a ceremony from the 1800s, the event is now held every two years (usually the final week of August) and recreates the most important moments of the weddings that were held long ago in the villages of the plateau.

The ceremony begins on a Wednesday at the Karst House and continues on the Thursday with a pre-nuptial party for the bride and groom.
The tradition calls for the bride and groom to drink large quantities of local wine without pause. The bride is then brought on a cart and, for the last time, dances as an unmarried woman with the man who will soon be her husband.

On the Friday evening the young man serenades his beloved, singing typical Slovenian songs beneath her window, while the mother of the bride watches to make sure that the two do not meet.
Nozze Carsiche
On the Saturday, the bride's dowry is brought to the new house on a cart.

Sunday is the big day, the culmination of the celebration - the marriage is held in traditional costumes at the small church that stands alone on the Rock of Monrupino.

At the end of the ceremony (which has both religious and civil validity) a procession of witnesses accompanies the couple, first to the house and then to the place where the celebrations are held.

During the five days of the celebration, the historic "osmizas", and kiosks selling local foods and wines, are open in the village.

The celebration includes a full week of events whose historic flavour and festive atmosphere have become a true tourist attraction.