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Karst House

This is a rustic house typical of the Trieste Karst plateau, located in the municipality of Repen, near the small village of Monrupino, approximately 15 km from Trieste.  
Casa Carsica
During the Karst Wedding celebration, the house symbolizes the groom's home, and it is here that the ritual of delivering the bride takes place.

The current appearance dates from 1831, when the house was last altered. In 1968 it was restored and decorated with original furniture and nineteenth century items donated by people living in the area.

The roof is topped with an impressive chimney and covered with characteristic stone slabs.
The doorway and windows are also in hewn stone.
A charming courtyard with a well stands in front of the house.
A stone wall surrounds and protects the courtyard and house.
The kitchen and cellar are located on the ground floor, with the bedroom and granary upstairs.
The kitchen has a paved stone floor with a raised area in the corner, containing the hearth and bread oven, the "napa" (fireplace hood) and a stone recess for storing water vessels.
Notable items in the bedroom include two cradles, two beautifully inlaid chests and a skein-winder.
It should be mentioned that the bed linens and covers were handmade.

The cellar and granary hold various tools and vessels providing evidence of the difficult and strenuous life led by the inhabitants of the Karst plateau.
The granary attached to the house has been converted to host art exhibitions.

During the summer period: contemporary art exhibitions, cultural events and concerts with an emphasis on rediscovering ancient folk traditions.
The Karst Wedding event is held every two years during the final week of August.
Casa Carsica (Karst House)
Località Repen 31
Comune di Monrupino (TS)
tel. +39 040 327 240

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