Where to eat and drink

Pastry Shops and ice cream

  • Saint Honoré Pastry shop Saint Honoré Pastry shop Since it was first established by Roberto Mosenich in 1989, the Saint Honorè pastry shop in Opicina has been delighting residents of the Karst plateau, Trieste, Slovenia and farther afield.  read more >
  • Udevalla ice cream shop Udevalla ice cream shop This small artisanal ice cream shop is located on Strada di Rozzol, outside the historic centre but well worth a detour.  read more >
  • Liberty Pastry Shop Liberty Pastry Shop Liberty is the new traditional pastry shop in Trieste where you can enjoy typical local desserts, cakes and products for vegans and people with food intolerances. read more >
  • Viti ice cream shop Viti ice cream shop The ideal place to enjoy an ice cream, a coffee or a drink surrounded by greenery in the heart of the city.
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  • Eppinger Pastry Shop Eppinger Pastry Shop Since 1848, tradition and innovation have been the key words for Eppinger Pastry Shop. read more >
  • Cadenaro bakery pastry shop Chocolaterie Cadenaro bakery pastry shop Chocolaterie Founded in 1962 by the Cadenaro family, the company still produces its bread, traditional pastries and chocolate artisanally.
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  • Jerian pastry shop Jerian pastry shop For four generations, the Jerian family has been baking more than 40 types of fresh bread every day.  read more >
  • La Bomboniera Pastry Shop La Bomboniera Pastry Shop La Bomboniera is a typical Austro-Hungarian pastry shop, dating from 1836. It is a place where time seems to stand still, featuring Art Nouveau décor that has remained intact for more than a century. read more >
  • Marco Ice Cream Shop Marco Ice Cream Shop Good ice cream, healthy and genuine, at all times of the day.
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  • Penso Pastry Shop Penso Pastry Shop Penso pastry shop has been a reference point for the people of Trieste since 1918!
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  • Pirona Pastry Shop Pirona Pastry Shop Pirona Pastry Shop was founded in 1900 by Alberto Pirona. read more >
  • Mug - cookies cakes coffee Mug - cookies cakes coffee MUG, as the nice large cup that doesn't require a saucer, from which you can keep sipping your tea or coffee for ages.
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  • Zampolli Ice Cream shop Zampolli Ice Cream shop Bar, coffee shop, but most importantly a historical ice cream shop that the people of Trieste love.
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