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Buffet da Pepi

(Pepi S'ciavo)

Well-known in Trieste and further afield, this restaurant is a must for those passing through the city or looking to revive themselves with a good lunch. 
Pepi Klajnsic opened the restaurant in 1897 with the name Pepi S'ciavo (Pepi the Slovenian), reflecting the curious Trieste custom of giving everyone a nickname. It is located on the very central Via Cassa di Risparmio, near Borsa Square.

The restaurant has long been frequented by regular customers living locally and working in the city centre, and tourists drawn by Trieste's international atmosphere. Its most famous guests have included the Count of Spoleto, Prince Tripcovich, Baron Bonomo, and Prince Torre e Tasso.
The restaurant serves delicious traditional cuisine, such as luganighe e capuzi (sausages and sauerkraut), porzina and cotechin (both boiled pork sausages), all accompanied by the unique Terrano wine produced locally on the Karst plateau.

Menus for groups
with assorted unique dishes to taste boiled and pork specialties, with a choice of side dish.
For vegetarians: cheese, Russian salad, eggplant and zucchini, artichokes and assorted pickles.
There is not a specific menu for celiac but there are many gluten-free products.
Children: ham, sausages and boiled combinations on request.
Buffet da Pepi
via della Cassa di Risparmio, 3
tel. +39 040 366 858

open Monday to Saturday 8:30 am no stop until 10pm | Sunday 10:00-4:00pm
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