Events, experiences and guided tours
Deposito a vista
13.5 - 31.12 Deposito a vista
The Civico Museo del Mare collection at Magazzino 26 at Porto Vecchio

Through a different lens
1.10 - 30.1 Through a different lens
At the Magazzino delle Idee in Trieste over 130 photographs testify to Stanley Kubrick's precocious talent.
26.11 - 20.2 Videogames!
At the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste the first major international exhibition on the world of video games.
Alfonso Mottola's archive
16.12 - 27.2 Alfonso Mottola's archive
Photographic exhibition in the Photo Library of the Civic Museums of History and Art of Trieste
The Challenges of Memory
22.12 - 28.2 The Challenges of Memory
Marcello Mascherini, Romano Boico and the Risiera di San Sabba, the exhibition set up in the Commemorations Room.
The soul, the earth, the color
29.12 - 20.2 The soul, the earth, the color
An art exhibition with free admission with about ninety works by the Friulian artist, Toni Zanussi; not a simple exhibition but a project-laboratory of social inclusion
Personal exhibition of Luigi Forgini
11.1 - 30.1 Personal exhibition of Luigi Forgini
Exhibition of paintings in the municipal art hall
Una luce sempre accesa
12.1 - 31.3 Una luce sempre accesa
Many events and cultural initiatives in the sala Luttazzi also in 2022!
Soviet Georgia
20.1 - 4.3 Soviet Georgia
Journey into brutalist architecture between Europe and Asia
Trieste Film Festival
21.1 - 30.1 Trieste Film Festival
Italy's leading showcase of East and Central European cinema
Verdi Theater Season 2021-2022
21.1 - 18.6 Verdi Theater Season 2021-2022
A program covering a long period, from June 2021 until July 2022!
2021/2022 season of the Trieste Concerts Society
24.1 - 23.5 2021/2022 season of the Trieste Concerts Society
14 concert proposals and numerous other special events
Rock Opera
31.1 - 1.2 Rock Opera
The greatest rock hits, arranged for orchestra and choir: Led Zeppelin • Deep Purple • Queen • Pink Floyd • The Rolling Stones • Toto • The Doors • AC/DC • Prince
Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy
4.2 - 5.6 Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy
At the Revoltella museum a great exhibition on impressionism!
International Musical Mornings
6.2 - 20.3 Mornings International Music
Musical concerts on Sunday mornings which for the first time will be held in the sala Luttazzi at Magazzino 26, Porto Vecchio
2022 Concert Season of the Chamber Music Association
9.2 - 14.12 2022 Concert Season of the Chamber Music Association
Concerts, piano festivals and musical events
Alice in Wonderland
15.2 - 15.2 Alice in Wonderland
After the great success Alice in Wonderland returns to Italy with a tour that will touch the major Italian theaters including the Rossetti!
Machine de cirque
28.2 - 28.2 Machine de cirque
At the Rossetti theater the show of the Canadian circus company
The Sound of Music
20.4 - 25.4 The Sound of Music
At the Rossetti theater the musical in the original language with an Anglo-Saxon cast!
Olio Capitale
13.5 - 15.5 Olio Capitale
Exhibition of Top Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oils  
Mitteleuropean race
20.5 - 22.5 Mitteleuropean race
Historic Cars Competition
Karst Wedding
24.8 - 28.8 Karst Wedding
Traditional festivities in Monrupino
Notre Dame de Paris
14.12 - 18.12 Notre Dame de Paris
Great return with the original cast of the musical with the music of Riccardo Cocciante at the Rossetti Theater in Trieste